Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to the Red Cat Society!

My name is Calle Cat and thanks to my two-legged mommy, Christina Wigren ("Anna" of Anna's Adornments) and her blogging friend, Lin (of Duck and Wheel with String) all red cats have a place to blog!

Why red cats? Well, we like all kinds of cats in all shapes and colors, but we thought it might be fun to blog about being red, yellow, orange or ginger. Here's my blog-partner Hobbes:

The black cats have a very nice club-blog called the "Tuxedo Gang". So we thought we would start our own blog for cats that look like Lin's Hobbes or me, Calle Cat!


BeadedTail said...

Congrats on the Red Cat Society! You and Hobbes are both wonderful members!

Fisher and Staff said...

Even though I am a tuxedo, I applaud you on such a great idea! The Red Cat Society is great.

The Red Cat Society said...

@Beaded Tail
Thank you! Hope you all come and visit us often. We have plans to invite other red cats to contributors with posts.
@Fisher and Staff
Thank you! We red cats would like to extend a paw of friendship to cats of all colours. You are always welcome to visit us. I live with two very clever tuxedo cat-ladies, so I know that you black and white cats are very capable!

Best wishes,
Calle Cat for The Red Cat Society

(Hobbes will be blogging soon too.)

Alice Audrey said...

Your first post, Calle? Welcome to the blogosphere. Red cats are the best!

Maggy and Zoey, Zoolatry said...

This makes us wish we were red! Or orange! Or ginger!
(maybe our human with the help of photoshop can turn us into that

The Red Cat Society said...

@Alice Audrey
Thank you for the welcome to the blogosphere. I have been a frequent guest on my sister Sara's blog and my Mommy's blog, but it is exciting to do this together with another ginger pal.
@Maggy and Zoey, Zoolatry
Oh no! Don't say that. You are fine just the way you are! Yes, we are red cats, but we like other kinds of cats too!

Thanks for stopping by!
Purrs & nose-taps,
Calle Cat

Split Rock Ranch said...

Red cats ROCK! Our red tabby's name is "Ruff" and he's the biggest cat we have but he is afraid of the dogs - go figure - so he has his own penthouse on top of the kitchen cabinets, complete with soft bed, litter box, food and water. He comes down whenever the dogs are outside so he isn't always in his penthouse!

Lin said...

Split Rock--Do you want to join us??? We would love to have you contribute! I would just need your email to send you the invite.