Friday, May 6, 2011

BB -

The Beebster is 4. He was adopted from the Madison-Greene Rescue in Virginia. They were having an adoption thingy in PetSmart and we were there picking up some food or whatever for our 2 cats. I saw this crazy kitty trying to escape his cage. He had more energy and personality than could be contained in his striped tabby body. I had to meet this character. The Madison-Greene people said he was a little looney because he wasn't used to being in a cage; he lived in a foster home with other cats and people. There was this stiff and stuffy looking couple giving him the eye and I just knew this orange ball of energy was not for them so - Surprise! I took him.

He was about 5 months old so I called him BB for "baby boy" until I could come up with a better name. But less than 24 hours after we took him home BB came to mean "bad boy" and this is why....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Red cat

Hi there, my name is Little Bit. We were very nicely asked to post on this blog by Hobbes since he is a little tired right now. I came to my new Mom's house as a foster kitty because they were going to send me to the bridge since I had to have a big surgery done to my leg and a lot of people don't want a special care cat.
Well I worked my way right into Marg's heart and she just couldn't let me go. So I am a permanent fixture here now. I am also a feral cat but I am getting better and better every day.
I am learning to trust humans a little bit plus I am using my bad hind leg more and more. So things are looking good right now.
We are so glad to be asked to join this Red Cat Society. There are 3 more red cats here, so we will be back.

Red Cat Society is Looking for Members!

Nothin' like fresh air, freedom of the open yard, and warm sunshine to wear Hobbes out.  You can almost set your watch by him--he's passed out by 9:00 p.m. each night. And always with that silly grin on his face.

Okay, red/orange kitties--we are looking for some fresh contributors to join the Red Cat Society.  As you can see, Hobbes is too exhausted to keep posting--he needs some help!  If you'd like to help him out, please leave me your email address in the comments and we'll hook you up with a membership to the Red Cat Society.  Any kitty who wears orange or red is invited!