Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Sherpa

This is my little, tiny kitten Sherpa.
My husband surprised me with him after the loss of my Fred.
I had always wanted and orange cat but had never had one.
My hubby went to the shelter especially to find me an orange cat.
Sherpa is now 8 months old and I will show more photos later.
But he was such a sweet little guy when he came home.
Just look at that face!


Lin said...

Sherpa, we are so glad you joined us!! And what an adorable baby you were. WERE is the key word in that sentence. I've heard how big you are now. :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Sherpa is an adorable kitty!

Ann said...

Oh Sherpa, what a precious baby picture. You are adorable.

Catherine said...

Orange kitties are special ~ and Sherpa is adorable!

Anna said...

So sweet! What an adorable kitty! Welcome to The Red Cat Society!

cardiogirl said...

Why does everyone want an orange cat? I've wanted an orange cat forever. Is it that they seem to be relatively rare?

Is it just a case of supply and demand? I don't know, but as soon as my oldest kid -- the one with cat allergies and asthma -- moves out, I'm gettin' an orange cat.

Lin said...

CG--I never really wanted one, in fact, I always had a soft spot for black kitties after I had one that I adored. Hobbes just sort of adopted us at the shelter after Henry died.

My aunt, who works at the shelter, swears that orange males are the BEST cats. She says they have a great demeanor. True? I don't know, but Hobbes is a great guy.

Alice Audrey said...

He's a cutie all right.

Is it too soon to give you awards? I hope not, because I gave you the Sunshine Award.

WillOaks Studio said...

He's just adorable!! he'll be a nice big beauty someday, too! Lin, I have to agree with your aunt--Red Kitty had the best personality from day 1--when he adopted ME!! I'll tell that story later!

Lin said...

Karen--I think that would make a nice post here, don't you?!