Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My best human

Now that we have seen so many really cute kitten-pictures of Hobbes and Sherpa, I really wish Anna would hurry up and post som pics of me when I was a kitten. But she has to "scan" them first, she says. I wasn't born in the "Digital Age". But here is a photo of me and the two-legged male person who rescued me as a kitten of unknown age, from under the roof of a root-celler were my two sisters and I were trapped and abandonned after our mother never returned to fetch and move us. He heard my screams and yowls and removed several roof tiles in order to dig me out and save me from dying of starvation. We have been very close ever since.

(This photo was previously posted on Meow Diaries "Fluffy Friday" on Anna's Adornments, Friday March 26, 2010)


Pricilla said...

Aren't you beautiful!

cardiogirl said...

I love how the cat's toes on the back paw are splayed out in an effort to spring right out of those adoring arms.

My cat used to do that. She hated to be held, so naturally I had to hold her all the time and now I have a ten-year-old scar on the back of my left hand where her back claw sliced a thin line from above my wrist to the webbing between my thumb and index finger.

Why did I never learn?

Lin said...

Pricilla--I love that Calle Cat! It's scary how much he looks like Hobbes and vice versa!

CG--I'm sporting a few of those scars myself! What is it about wanting to hold them close when they don't want any part of that?? Ugh.

Anna said...

To be fair, Calle and his favourite human male person looked real cuddily together for quite a long time. I was too slow in getting the camera out of the bag and taking this shot. It was the only shot I could get. Calle is actually a very, very patient cat.
Best wishes,