Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome, Red!

Ooooh, look at our newest member at the Red Cat Society--Red. Geesh, he's a lovely (handsome?) cat. He comes to us by Karen over at Will Oaks Studios, where she typically features her incredible jewelry and photography as well as her kitties.

Red got news late last night of the Red Cat Society and you can see how happy he was to be included. He immediately went to work preening for his shot!


Sharkbytes said...

Calle, Hobbes, Red- looking forward to great things from you. But, uh... I have a problem... call me racist if you want. You all look alike.

Ann said...

LOL at sharkbytes.
This looks like the start of a great blog. I think we can overlook Red's little exhibition just this once since he looks so darn cute in all the other shots.

Lin said...

Sharky--LOL! I like that. :) Thanks for stopping over, pally.

Ann--Thanks for visiting, Ann! It's just a fun blog for the orange kitties of the world. Better tell Duke--he's gonna want his own blog soon too.

cardiogirl said...

As the kitties come in, it would be fun to mix them up in photos side by side and have your readers guess who's who.

Can I always pick out Hobbes? I hope so. He is my boyfriend, you know.

The Red Cat Society said...

Welcome Red!
Great to have you aboard!
Calle Cat

WillOaks Studio said...

How funny to do a guessing game on the who's who of us red cats....if you look very closely, our stripes are like fingerprints....but we are ALL aware of how handsome we are!!

Helene said...

Hobbes is Mr Puuuuurrrrrrrrrrsonality.