Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Red Kitties are the Warmest!

Early frosts, colder nights in the camper but Red and Mariah have it right!!  Less than 3 weeks 'til camground closing day and I'm finally beginning to organize my new townhouse so we can "move indoors" all together, very soon.  I'm so relieved I'm getting to the end of this unbelievable summer.  And I'm very sure that soon, when Dakota (the dog) and the three cats are all back in a "real house" they will (first) freak out totally and then (second) make it their new home.

Meanwhile, with nights in the lower 40's and lower still, I benefit from kitty heat, too.  Purrmeister sleeps on or near my head, Red Kitty prefers my left side and Mariah likes my feet.  Of course, when they are all weighing down my comforter like that, I'd better not plan on moving. 

Happy Autumn Days, everyone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet our new addition...Bubba

Bubba officially moved in Saturday night and spent up until this morning hiding in various spots in the master bedroom.  Yesterday I started working on cleaning out my closet and I nearly jumped out of my skin when I pulled a box out of my closet and there she was.  She would not let me take her out, Ms. Attitude would have none of that.  She didn't eat, drink or use the litter box until this morning when I told my gf that she needed to put her in the bathroom where her box and food were and just shut the door.  She'll figure it out eventually.  She did, she used the litter box and had a snack.

After about 2 hours my son let her out of the bathroom when Irish and Maddux were out.  It was kind of like a prize fight where they kind of circled around each other and gave each other the evil eye.  Then Bubba made a beeline for her sofa, stood on the arm, plotting her exit and jumped down and under the end table and hid there until Irish and Maddux went back upstairs.  Maddux did manage to hiss at her once, that was about it.

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