Friday, April 2, 2010

Red's Famous Talent

I'm working now to teach Purrmeister this wonderful trick. So far, he treats the water stream like a string, bats it all over, and makes a pretty big mess. Me? I only get my face nice and wet so that it's clean AND I get a nice fresh drink. I've already taught Mariah this trick but she doesn't like to stand right in the kitchen sink like I do. Unfortunately, I can't work the faucet myself, so I jump up on the sink, sit near the tap and stare at it until my mom shows up to help out. She knows what I mean so it works.


Sparkle said...

I panic if I'm brought within three feet of a faucet! No water tricks for me.

Pricilla said...

You are very clever.
Sherpa just sits in the sink waiting to pounce on people.

Lin said...

Oh, if only kitties had thumbs to turn the faucet on and off for themselves! Sigh. And what is the deal with kitties and running water, Red??