Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Is having an orange cat addictive?

Once you go orange, you never go back.


Pricilla said...

I love your two different eye colors.

I have always wanted an orange cat and I am so happy to have my Sherpa

Ann said...

Well hello Henry, what a pretty boy your are. And such interesting eyes too. I just love the two different colors, how unique

Lin said...

Pricilla--The blue eye is an albino eye, we found out the hard way. But he was lovely, wasn't he??? Henry came and went just too darn fast.

Ann--We lost Henry at 3 years old, Ann. He had a cardiomyopathy that we had no idea about, but we suspect the eyes were a hint that there was something wrong. He was lovely, wasn't he??? And sweet as pie. Hobbes came into our lives when Henry went to the rainbow bridge. I always say he sent Hobbes to us to make us smile again.

Anna said...

What a beautiful cat he was. Indeed, too good for this world!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Wow, what amazing eyes!!