Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing Pibby

Hi everybody! I'm Pib. That's the name I came with. The girl I was staying with left me alone for weeks at a time. All I had was a sofa and a tv I couldn't manage to turn on. My new mom had a friend who knew about me so they went on a rescue mission and brought me home. I spent the first few days on the top shelf of the closet warily eyeing the zoo I was brought home to. That is until I managed to fall off and have everything fall on top of me. After that I just stayed on the floor and hissed a lot. Now I hang out with the dogs I used to hate. This picture is the head shot I used for my audition with Red Cat Society. Like the walrus-whisker effect?

This is my buddy Star. Mom calls him Fancy Feast. He has a major posh attitude. He was part of the earlier rescue mission from the same girl who originally wanted to keep me. They were going to take him to the shelter where he would've been...ahhh you know the story. Anyway now we are both back together and most mornings fly up and down the hall sounding like a herd of elephants. 4 am seems to be a good time not to be bothered by the dogs. Now this picture I am trying to look like my hero Hobbes. Notice the orange ottoman pose? I really do have arms and legs.

Just so you know, I am the tough one in the family. There was this bug and Star just let it come cuddle next to him. But when I saw it I pounced about 50 feet in one leap and got it. Mom thought I wasn't paying attention from so far away but I showed her!

See you soon! Happy 4th of July!


Princess Jasmine said...

Hello Pip, you are a real sweetie :)xx

Lin said...

Hi, Pib and Star!! It's so nice to have you two here at the Red Cat Society.

Star, you are always welcome too!! :) Any friend of a red cat is a friend of ours.

I love that you two were rescued and then brought back together. Your mommeh must love you very much to do that. Nice, happy story for today.

Anna said...

Dear Pib,
What a beautiful story! Welcome to The Red Cat Society! We are honoured to have you with us!
Best wishes,

Marg said...

Hi there Pib, we sure are glad to meet you. Thank heavens you got rescued from that other place. We are excited that you have a good home now.You are a handsome guy. Take care and have a Happy fourth too.

Pricilla said...

Pib you are a very pretty red cat

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Nice recovery Pib! Time does the trick...and a little lovin doesn't hurt either.

Repositório said...

Hi Pib! You´re so pretty!!!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Pib, you are a cutie!

Roy said...

Hey Pib. Hello Star. Pib we're glad to hear you have a good home now. Hope to hear more from you time and again. Both of you are looking good there.

Stay happy, and enjoy your 4th of July in your new home.

We're the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor. Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Miss Princess, Tegar, Smokey and Rowdy. Our servants are the Small one and the Large one, Lisa and RoySr.

Zool Blogger said...

hello pibby.. your cat is round.. Lovely cute cat

Amy said...

Oh Pib! What lucky people get to have are so well-spoken and smart. The walrus is had to pull off but you do it so well!

Be a good kitty!