Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Red cat

Hi there, my name is Little Bit. We were very nicely asked to post on this blog by Hobbes since he is a little tired right now. I came to my new Mom's house as a foster kitty because they were going to send me to the bridge since I had to have a big surgery done to my leg and a lot of people don't want a special care cat.
Well I worked my way right into Marg's heart and she just couldn't let me go. So I am a permanent fixture here now. I am also a feral cat but I am getting better and better every day.
I am learning to trust humans a little bit plus I am using my bad hind leg more and more. So things are looking good right now.
We are so glad to be asked to join this Red Cat Society. There are 3 more red cats here, so we will be back.


Princess Jasmine said...

Hello Little Bit, so glad you have found such a lovely Forever Home. Hope you leg gets all better soon :)xx

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Little Bit! Glad you found a nice home.

Lin said...

I love happy stories like yours, Little Bit! I'm glad you are feeling better and found such a nice place to live. :)

Welcome to the Red Cat Society!