Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sara Cat meets a ginger neighbour while Calle Cat is away

Calle Cat has moved to the farm for the summer or perhaps for a longer time. We don't know when or even if he will return to us here in town. He is well and sends purrs and love to all of his blogging ginger and non-ginger friends. Calle Cat has asked me, his sister, Sara Cat, to help blog while he is away.

So, Calle Cat has asked me to post about a meeting with one of our neighbours, a handsome red cat named Gustav. He lives in a house on the other side of the little alley behind our house, where he has a nice garden.

Gustav had a brother when he first moved in. But his brother disappeared when they were still young cats. Gustav's human when looking for Gustav's brother, but never found him.

So Gustav lost his brother and best friend. He now lives with a big yellow dog.

While Calle Cat is away on the farm, I will look after The Red Cat Society page and post anything I find that is related to red cats.

Another thing that Calle Cat has asked me to do while he is away, is to thank everyone who has advertised with us on the Red Cat Society EC-widget. We are a little behind in our 'thank-yous'. Please visit these fine sites:
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After this I will try to give these extra links once a week.
We are sorry that it piled up like this.
Sara Cat


Ann said...

Gustav is a very handsome cat too bad he lost his brother.

Natural Balance Pet Food said...

The orange tabby cat is so cute. It makes me remind of Garfield.

Pricilla said...

Gustav is quite handsome. I am sorry about his brother.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Gustav! Your so handsome! We are sorry you don't have your brother anymore! That is wonderful greenery in those pictures!

Sparkle said...

Gustav seems like a rather solemn guy. Probably because of losing his brother at such an early age. I am sending some purrs his way.

Sharkbytes said...

Gustav reminds me of a kitty friend I used to know named Corn Flakes. But corny was a little more yellow.

Sara Katt said...

@Ann Yes he is handsome. But not as out-going as Calle.

@Natural Balance Pet Food Yes he does look a little like Garfield. Did you know, by the way, that the Swedish translation for the name 'Garfield' in the films, is 'Gustav'!

@Pricilla Thank you for your kind thoughts, Pricilla. Our Mommy went around looking for him too. A real shame, because they were so cute together.

@Cheyenne-Millie Yes, he is indeed a good-looking cat-boy. And he has a nice garden, so he lives well.

@Sparkle Thank you for your purrs, Sparkle. I am not sure if he really is so solemn of a guy. Could be. His Mommy and Daddy are very kind to him and his dog-brother is alright as dogs go. It could also be the photo. He might just be shy. He just met us and I don't think that he is as out-going as Calle cat is. But Calle is an unusually friendly boy-cat.
(Whew! I miss him already!)

@Sharkbytes What a fun name for a yellow cat-boy, 'Cornflakes'! Cool!
Show us a picture if you have one!

Purrs to you all! Thank to you for stopping by!

Sara Cat