Sunday, July 18, 2010

New hope for The Red Cat Society

This is a photo of a lovely red cat-girl named Anna-Lisa. She's just a kitten here sitting in front of Elisabet, one of the two-legged's kits.

This photo was taken more than a year ago. Just a couple of weeks ago, Anna-Lisa had gave birth to two kittens that look just like her. Red kittens! I haven't seen them yet, but the two-legged kits, Elisabet and Erik, play with them a lot on the farm. If Calle Cat can't come back to us, we are hoping that maybe Anna-Lisa's kittens will join us. This means that I will have to continue to blog here until the kittens are old enough to take over. If they are interested in blogging, that is. Let's hope so!
Best wishes,
Sara Cat


Pricilla said...

Oh how sweet!

Elyse said...

Such a pretty cat:

Cat said...

Anna Lisa is beautiful, I'm sure her kittens will be ravishing reds also :-)

Islandgirl said...

She looks a lot like Thomasina!

WillOaks Studio said...

She's a beauty and I cannot wait to see her babies--any kitten is cute, but a red kitten or two? Priceless!