Wednesday, May 19, 2010


At every possible opportunity, Hobbes chooses to be outside--even if it raining. There is lots going on out there now that spring has officially arrived. Lots of bugs to chase, birds to talk to, neighbors to visit, and catnip to munch on.

Life is good for Hobbes.


Sara Katt said...

Oh Hobbes, you are such a handsome cat! (Great photo! Too!)

And yes it is indeed a wonderful time of year to be out. But did you know that someone stole all the pretty yellow and white flowers that were in the photo with my brother Calle in the post just before this one? It was not one of the two-legged kits. There are humans that are not nice to us. It remains a mystery as to who did it because anyone can just sneek into our yard and do this while we all are sleeping.

Sara Cat

WillOaks Studio said...

Such a handsome boy. All my felines are outside a lot too....beautiful Spring weather!

Pricilla said...

The Farm cats (excepting Sherpa) are all about the outside right now too.

Lola said...

Yeah for Hobbes! Irish in particular has been itchin' to go outside. She stands near the front door waiting to make a break for it. Both of them fight for the chair of the recliner so they can watch the birds and the flying insects outside. Once one of them gets the spot, they can sit there for hours watching.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a cutie. Our Pumpkin is the same way. He howls to go out at night even though he isn't allowed (and he knows it).

Ann said...

Hobbes obviously has his priorities in order. Hooray for Hobbes.

Lin said...

Sara--Sometimes people don't have respect for what belongs to us. I have that problem too.

Will Oaks--I know my vet hates when they go outside, but I do watch them and make sure they don't disappear. I can't imagine trying to hold him inside--it would be torment!

Pricilla--Commence worrying! :) I worry about my kitties going outside too.

Lola--I could never keep them in when the kids were younger and not watching the door, so our kitties still go outside. My vet hates that, but I find it too hard to battle with them. We watch them carefully.

Jennifer--For the most part, Hobbes and Grace hang around the yard. Every so often a smell beckons them over the fence, but they soon return. They are not allowed outside if we are not home.

Ann--He knows how to live right!

Sparkle said...

Lucky Hobbes! I have never been outside. But then, in my part of the country, we have something called coyotes, and apparently they cannot be fended off with a mean look and a slap the way I dismiss the dog.

meowmeowmans said...

What a handsome cat you are, Hobbes! It does indeed sound like you have a great life. :)

Lin said...

Sparkle--We have them here too! Although they aren't in the neighborhood but on a rare occasion. They sort of stay in the forest preserves a few blocks away. There is more food for them there, thank goodness.

Meow--Thank you, pally! Hobbes is very spoiled. :)