Saturday, August 8, 2015

An update on some non-red and red kitties whom we know and love

Cajsa, 1999-2015

 Cajsa, born, 29th May 1999, died 9th July 2015

This is the very last photo of my first cat, Cajsa. My daughter, Elisabet, and her father, took Cajsa to the vet's, where she was put to sleep.

Cajsa was suffering from cancer tumors and, being already 16 years old, she did not have much strength to fight it. 

Cajsa was the mother of thirteen kittens in three litters. She was my dear friend, companion, inspiration and comfort. May she rest in peace.

Cajsa is buried on the farm in a grave next to her daughter, Sara, who died 6th February 2013.

Cajsa's daughter, Matilda (born 5th April 2011) is now my sole, cat-companion.  

Matilda, lounging on the windowed balcony

Matilda's daughter, Rosetta, spent three weeks with us this summer (4th-26th July)

Rosetta hugging and napping with her mother, Matilda.

Mostly, mother and daughter got along well:

with some bickering...

and making up afterwards.

Is this alright?

Eventually, in September, we will have a new cat, as Elisabet's own, little Vanessa, born in June. (She is the grandchild of the cat Anna-Lisa, Rosetta's paternal grandmother. Vanessa is Rosetta's cousin):

In spite of Elisabet's cat-fur-allergy, we are not quite finished with cats. I am not getting much writing done. Maybe I could write a cat story or two? Some day. 

Why should we allow these obviously non-redcats a post on the Red Cat Society Blog? 

Anna-Lisa with her son, Olle
Because these cats are related to some very dear red cats: Anna-Lisa

Olle in the arms of my daughter, Elisabet

Olle is a huggable kitten!

and, of course, the twins, Lars and Sigge:

Sigge and Lars with Rosetta, when she was a kitten

Lars and Sigge would have been great heirs of the Red Cat Society, but they wanted a to live a more outdoor cat-life, and not a cooped-up apartment cat-life. So I let them move to good people who could give them that.

Rosetta and Elisabet

Sweet little Rosetta lives in Söderköping, but comes to visit us on holidays and summer vacation.

Olle would also have been a great addition to the Red Cat Society, but he and his sister are moving to a farm, where I know he will be happy.
Olle and Elisabet

Olle, wrestling with his sisters


Best wishes,

First Commenter:


Lin said...

It's sad that we cannot have all the kitties that we'd love to have in our homes--sometimes it is best to let them go where they can have space and love.

I am glad you fired up this dusty old blog! Let's get it going again!!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I'm so sad for Cajsa :-( At least the other cats are happy.

Anna Nordeman said...

Thanks Lin and Vanessa for your comments.

Yes, I am sad about Cajsa too.

She was my very first cat and I learned from the mistakes that I made with her, so that the younger cats are living better cat-lives.

But Cajsa still lived a fairly good cat-life anyway, with only one human family, a real 'forever-home' after leaving her mother and siblings.

She was loved, and I think she knew that she was loved. She lived longer than her daughter, Sara, who was never allowed to have kittens, and who suffered even more from her cancer tumors than Cajsa did.

It is not easy to pinpoint the right time to let them go. Poor Sara lived too long until she could not eat or drink. She just stared at her water-bowl without being able to drink. Maybe Cajsa was still a wee bit too healthy to be put to sleep. If she had still been my cat and not my former husband's, maybe I would have let her live a little longer. But I did not want her to suffer like Sara. Sara died in my arms at home. But it was such a slow, horrible death. I could still hear her faint heart beat when she was unable to walk or eat or do anything. And then it stopped and she was dead. Cajsa did have to suffer like that.

But I do I wish I could have been with Cajsa in her last moments. I said good-bye to Cajsa the day before her appointment at the vet's. And she seemed to recognise me. I think she knew who I was, her special human friend. It was as if she tried to speak to me. I think she knew what was going on. I think she felt it.

Some people say that the difference between humans and animals is that animals don't know that they are going to die. But I don't agree with that. I think they feel it. I mean, there are people who live as if they never are going to leave this world and die. But I think some animals understand this.

Anyway. Cajsa was a good cat, even if she could be bad-tempered in her later years. It was because of her illness. And I forgave her for that. Old people can be grouchy, so why not old cats?

Best wishes,

Small Kucing said...

Sorry about Cajsa :(

I like cat too